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Brad Horn
Project creator and co-coordinator
Content contributions: photography, text, web design, oral history ~ at ~

Brad is currently working on a Master's of Journalism at Syracuse University. His focus there is online storytelling and new media. He has a self-designed degree in documentary studies from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His photographs, writing, and interviews have appeared in several small publications. He has also worked on organic farms in Indiana, Oregon, and Maine.

jj richardson
Project co-coordinator
Content contributions: photography, text, oral history
jjonthehaw ~ at ~

jj richardson has worked in the US and abroad on farms and in gardens, with grassroots environmental organizations and young people of all ages and backgrounds, and as a program coordinator, writer, researcher and documentarian. She loves travel, working in community, and getting her hands dirty. Previously at Mother Jones magazine, the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, and several great community-based NGOs, she currently works at the Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI-USA), a sustainable agriculture non-profit based in North Carolina. She lives with her cat in a peaceful farmhouse in the woods outside Durham, NC.

Heather Barnes
Content contributions: text, oral history, television promotional
4storyfilms ~ at ~

Heather Barnes is a documentarian and film/video archivist living in Carrboro, NC with her partner of six years and two portly cats. She will receive her master of library science degree in the summer of 2008, and plans to work on documentary projects, freelance videography, and babywearing (with a new baby due in October 2008) for the foreseeable future.

Cathy Leicht
Content contributions: text, oral history

Cathy Leicht has worked on local organic farms and has attended classes in sustainable farming at Central Carolina Community College. She is a former intern at The Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS), a sustainable, organic research station at North Carolina State University.

Mike Nutt
Content contributions: audio production, oral history
mike ~ at ~

Mike Nutt is the Multimedia Technician for the UNC-CH Department of Communication Studies. He is the creator of

J.L. Reid
Content contributions: audio production, web design
jlreid ~ at ~

J. L. Reid holds a BA in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He studied Creative Writing at Emerson College in Boston, and has published fiction and other writing online and in small press literary magazines. He currently works as a freelance writer and web consultant.

Tes Thraves
Content contributions: text, oral history

Tes Thraves is currently working as a consultant in Sustainable Ag and Community Food Systems for such clients as The Center for Environmental Farming Systems in Goldsboro, NC; NC State A&T University; and the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group. She lives blissfully in Chatham County, NC where the small farming community makes it easy to be a locavore/foodie. She is also a senior fellow in the Southeastern Regional Network of the Environmental Leadership Program, serves as a board member for both Maverick Farms and Chatham Marketplace Food Co-op, and teaches yoga. When working on the Stewards of the Land project, Tes was a grad student in Folklore and Comm Studies at UNC Chapel Hill, where she is still "all but dissertation."

Support and Guidance

Charles Thompson

Charles is Curriculum and Education Director at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. He was an organic farmer for nine years in Chatham County as well as the Director of the Seeds of Hope Farmers’ Market Project. He holds a Ph.D. in Religion and Culture from UNC-Chapel Hill and a M.S. in Agricultural Education from NC A&T University.

Harvey Harman
harvey.harman ~ at ~

Harvey Harman grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania and has been active ever since in issues of sustainability. He and his family spent 5 years in Africa doing village level community development work and he has spent the last 17 years doing organic farming in central North Carolina. Harvey was instrumental in starting the Sustainable Farming Program at Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro, North Carolina and still teaches there. More recently Harvey has turned his attention to "Green" Building and the development of Walkable, Sustainable Communities and Neighborhoods. View his Stewards of the Land profile here.


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